Durham Parks and Recreation Youth Basketball

Coaching and Leadership

Overview: I volunteered to coach basketball my freshmen year. My kids were from the 5-6 year old age group.


GCS relation: Coaching basketball for me is advancing personal learning. When I am coaching, I found ways to tailor my curriculum around the audience in front of me. More personally, I found that my kids learned best when I gave them my undivided attention and mentorship. Although the subject is basketball, I understood my role as a coach to develop my students to excel in their personal lives, academically and morally. Connecting with the parents of my students, I also saw the other side of education often forgetten by many. Parents care just as much, and if not more often, then how the teacher performs. I learned to build trust with my students and my parents by being open and trustworthy. The experience taught me invaluable skills in empathy and communication, which I believe will both play an immense role in the future of personalized education.

Organization: Coach2Inspire

Duration: November 2019 - February 2020

Total Hours of Completion: 100 hrs