Student Founders Program

Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurialship

Overview: I am in the Student Founders program in the Duke I&E department. This is a support network and group for students across schools at Duke to gather and talk about what we are working on. The sessions usually have a theme and is largely seminar based. Through the program, I have gotten to connect with people both within and outside my community. I am extremely grately to have been part of the inaugural cohort.


GCS relation: In the process of engineering the tools for scientific discovery, I have generated and built lots of ideas into life. The Founders Program is a testing ground where my ideas are put on trial for objective judgement and critic. Without this process, I believe engineers would not be able create innovative products that will be used by people. I learned to defend my ideas and communicate my ideas well. Enntrepreneurship comes with being an engineer, as we are constantly building new machineries and processes.

Supervisor: Howie Rhee

Duration: February 2020 - Present

Total Hours of Completion: 100 hrs